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The importance of keeping of suitable asset records cannot be under-estimated.

During the PAT testing procedure all appliances are tested, labeled and bar coded for immediate identification. This process ultimately provides you with a complete appliance asset register and our client's experience has proven that this information is absolutely vital in the event of:-

Accident or fatality PAT Testing Scales

It has been recognised that record keeping of testing can provide evidence for the defence in the event of a prosecution. It has been seen that it is a defence under Regulation 29 of the Electricity at Work Regulations for a duty holder to 'prove that he took all reasonable steps and exercised all due diligence to avoid the commission of that offence'.

Fire or burglary PAT Testing A thief stealing

Do you really know what assets you have in your office? Our asset register will provide you a fully itemised list of all appliances held on site, together with serial numbers and asset tagging that you can provide to the Police or your insurance company in the event of a burglary, theft or fire.

Appliance history PAT Testing graph

Such records enable the close monitoring of the equipment highlighting potential faults or adverse trends and are also essential in forming an accurate assessment of the necessary frequency of testing in conjunction with The IEE Code of Practice 4th Edition.

What's in your IEE Compliant PAT Test Pack?
PAT Testing folder of your assets

Aside of fully labelled and bar coded items, you will also receive:-

  • IEE compliant Full Test Pack including Premises Certificate, Test Certificates, PAT and Asset Registers in hard copy and PDF format.
  • Copies can be provided for insurance purposes. 
  • Updated 12th June 2013

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